The Tears of Hillary Clinton

In most years, the presidential election is a choice between a Democrat and a Republican. This election year is stacking up a bit differently – a choice between candidates in the Democratic Party. And within those choices an interesting sub-theme has developed: sex and color, not necessarily in that order…

With record numbers of voters going to the polls, the emergence of the “independent” vote importance and crossovers from Republicans voting for Democrat candidates, it is an interesting and exciting prospect we face.

So we note the pundit and public response to the tears shed by candidate Hillary Clinton in response to a question the Monday prior to the New Hampshire vote. The woman who asked her the question that generated the response heard ’round the world said later that she had voted for Barack Obama because she thought he was the better candidate. Other voters, however, responded that they had changed their intended vote from Obama to Clinton because of those tears.

Voters in other states now face a complex decision – voting for an obviously well qualified, courageous, honest and intelligent black male who will bring a new breath of leadership to our country or an intelligent, perhaps well-trained or campaign-weary white female who brings “politics as usual.”

Regardless of who becomes the Democratic Party candidate for President of the United States, history will replay those choice moments in New Hampshire and speculate – were they real or staged, what effect did they have on the overall election and did a few tears change the history of the world…

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