Based on my observations and current information, it occurs to me that Barack Obama may be the person to lead America as President and that he would be a breath of fresh air in that office.  I’ve written previously about the characteristics we might seek in our leaders and he appears to epitomize a majority of them.

There is a video out that depicts how America could become in 500 years if we continue on our current path.  “Idiocracy” fantasizes that Americans follow their baser instincts and become an ignorant society, allowing themselves to be fooled by greedy, corrupt forces, including big corporations and politicians.

One might say that we are truly headed along that path already, having allowed our leaders to take us down the wrong road on a number of issues, not the least of which is the war in Iraq.  It is a bit unnerving to still find so many people who do not explore issues rationally; but who base decisions on what they read in the standard newspapers and hear from most of the television stations.

Of course, one might say the same thing about my observation here.  I don’t know Barack Obama personally and am basing my thoughts on what I have heard him say when speaking publicly and in his book, “The Audacity of Hope.”  It is clear, however, that his background supports his words and he has a history of following through on his ideals. 

The process of running for the office of President is grueling and will offer many opportunities for us to see many sides of the candidates.  Opponents will try to make sure that the seamier side of the individuals will be known – whether it be true or not. 

But I hope that adding the Obama Factor to the race will bring the whole process to a higher level – raising the “bar” on what the full measure of our national leaders should be.  And, hopefully, this is a step in getting us out of the ignorance, apathy and cynicism that many have come to expect and back into the active process of nominating and electing the best person for the position.

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